F&B Design & Build

Does Your restaurant serve amazing food but lacking in ambience to give your customers that total dining out experience?

Studies have shown that the ambience in a dining facility can effect everything from how fast customers eat, how much they spend and how long they stay.

In today’s competitive society, it is crucial to create an atmosphere in your restaurant that is conductive to the type of food that you serve, as well as the types of customers that you attract.

Every detail in your operation should should contribute to the ambience.

How do you want your guests to feel when they come to eat at your place?

When customers walk through your door they should immediately be able to sense what type of operation you want to be.

Whether it’s a fun and casual sports bar, or a homey, comforting place that serves your grandmother’s recipes, music, lighting and artwork all contribute to the ambience of your place but with hygienic & cleanness.

Tasks of design

  • Lighting Sets the tone
  • Music sets the mood
  • Colors help to stimulate the palette
  • Spacious and SOP distance
  • Comfortable seating material choose